Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Save on Heating Costs this winter with a Hybrid HVAC System in Boone

Not looking forward to another mountain winter this year in Boone? Many of us dread the winter season for various reasons, and one of those reasons is the financial burden of heating. One characteristic of Boone winters is inconsistency. Some days the temperatures are freezing and other days its warmer. We even have the occasional balmy day in the middle of winter. It can be frustrating because you need the furnace one day, and the next you nearly need the air conditioning. In this type of weather you will have better energy efficiency with a hybrid HVAC system in Boone. Hybrid HVAC Systems use multiple technologies to achieve top heating and cooling efficiency Hybrid HVAC systems are a combination of a heat pump and a furnace. Heat pumps are very efficient for heating and cooling because they transfer air rather than simply heating or cooling the air.

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